Weezer Breathes Life Into Music Marketing

Weezer Breathes Life Into Music Marketing

As social networking ingrains itself more and more into our daily lives our ties to different entities continue to build. We can follow businesses, products and celebrities on Twitter, become fans of TV shows, bands and fictional characters on Facebook, and sign up for regular communications via text or e-mail from all of the above. There are more than a few success stories in the social realm, such as everyone’s favorite Twitter example Ashton Kutcher or the Skittles campaign last spring, and definitely some failures. 

One social media story that I think has met success is that of Weezer, the band that made geek chic in the 90s, took a few breaks along the way and are now stronger than ever. They’ve been tearing up all things social with a huge presence on FacebookTwitterMySpaceYouTube and even the social music network imeem all combined with an e-mail campaign, web site and blog that’s dialed in with each of their social networks.

While the rock quartet surely has a marketing machine behind them, the content that’s being created is so true to the band’s identity and brand that it’s easy to forget that, while involved, Rivers, Brian, Scott and Patrick aren’t really at the helm. That authenticity filters through in stunts like the Weezer Snuggie, which includes a free copy of their latest CD “Raditude,” or their Twitterviews and video Q&A’s with the band.

Visit any of Weezer’s pages and you’ll be there for much longer than you anticipated, checking out tons of videos, blog posts, photos and more. And while some longtime fans have said the band is selling out, I think they’re just finally connecting with their audience and continuing to be relevant in a music landscape where so many artists never make it past their first album.

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