The Tradition of Holiday Traditions

The Tradition of Holiday Traditions

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. The lights, the music, the sweets… it all adds up to that particular Christmas cheer that only comes around once a year. There’s a tangible mood around the holidays that you just can’t help but feel.

Growing up, my family wasn’t big on extravagant family traditions. We did have a few, like driving around after Christmas Eve mass looking at the lights, and opening just one present on Christmas Eve before bed. Though small, these things were much anticipated as part of my family’s Christmas celebration.

I’ve had much reflection on these family traditions as this year I have a new little one of my own. Looking at social media, there seems to be an added pressure to come up with the best, most creative family traditions. “Take a photo with this Santa each year and watch your child grow, have family members write your child a letter and keep it until he turns 18, save your child’s class artwork and make a collage, Elf of the Shelf…” They’re all great ideas. But I wanted to keep my family traditions, along with my husband’s. I want them to be simple enough that we will follow through, and special enough my son will look forward to them each year.

Last year, our son was just 3 months old at Christmas. We bought him new Christmas pajamas, bundled him up, made a thermos of hot cocoa and drove around to see the lights. Sure, he slept through it all, but we enjoyed it. We’ll do it again this year, and the year after that. We’ll also open one present each when we get home from mass. We’ll have hot cocoa and watch Christmas Vacation together. We’ll enjoy the holiday spirit of giving by donating to local charities.

I figure the best traditions are the ones that come easily. They’re the traditions that you know and love to do, and that’s why they’re traditions.

Wishing you all a very merry and a very RAD Christmas, from my family to yours.
Amy Demuth

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