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Touchdown for Twitter

Somewhere in an unknown stadium, Twitter just high stepped into the end-zone and did a touchdown celebration bigger than the ‘Lambeau Leap’ or the ‘Gronk Spike’. The NFL announced it would allow players to tweet before and during this year’s Pro Bowl. The league said it would set up a computer...

Twitter isn’t for kids

We’ve all seen Tweets that use the phrases, “OMG,” “totally,” and of course, “!” used as punctuation throughout. Even better are the multiple “!!!!!”  This is absolutely acceptable for individual Tweets if that’s how that individual communicates. However, if the voice of your brand is communicated that way, it’s worth...

Lessons from the Silver Anvils

Just like the Academy Awards for actors, public relations professionals are given the opportunity to shine with a PRSA Silver Anvil. The honor of receiving a Silver Anvil should not be taken lightly. In a concise two-page summary, PR firms, corporations, government agencies, non-profits and the like, painstakingly detail the...