Traditionally Untraditional

Traditionally Untraditional


Years ago around this time of year, I met my husband in one of those “love-at-first-sight” situations. Yes, the full story is as cheesy as it sounds. That first Christmas was full of tree decorating, spiked eggnog and my now-husband pretending to like the classic holiday tunes on repeat. As the years have passed, there’s still remnants of that first Christmas; however, what stands out more to me is the lack of “tradition” in the Bolton family. In fact, there hasn’t been a single holiday season that looked like the other and you might consider our crazy clan traditionally untraditional.

What has always remained is family and the importance of time spent together. Last year this meant welcoming our first-born baby boy the week before Christmas and family from all corners of the US into our home just a few days later. Christmas tree decorating was a little scarce, the eggnog was present sans the whiskey and you better believe there was holiday tunes on repeat.

This year you’ll find us at the fire station visiting Dad while he’s working on Christmas Day. There may not be a Christmas tree, prime rib or even eggnog but I’m still pushing for those holiday tunes.

There’s no predicting what next year might look like but I’m hoping it includes visiting our family on the Big Island of Hawaii. Maybe a sandy beach and paddle boards can be our holiday tradition.

Until then… mele kalikimaka.


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