Google Goggles, The New Search

Google Goggles, The New Search

Android phone users got a cool new way to search thanks to Google’s release of Google Goggles on Monday. The application uses image recognition, through photos you take with the phone or items you point the camera at, to search for that item and pull Google search results.

Want to read the reviews of a book you’re purchasing? Take a snapshot and put on your “Goggles.” Debating what year the Sears Tower was built? Snap it, “goggle” it and get your answer.


While Google is still fine-tuning the program to increase its recognition of less concrete images, such as food and everyday objects like strollers, the vastness of what can already be searched is incredible. One thing to consider, however, is how an app like this will impact SEO.  Will sites need to begin indexing keywords and images to maximize search results?

And if you have an iPhone, well you are out of luck.

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