Why am I excited about the Nevada Interactive Media Summit on March 7?

Why am I excited about the Nevada Interactive Media Summit on March 7?

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Back in December, RKPR took advantage of an opportunity. Honestly, I keep thinking that anyone would have done what we did.  I’m also naïve enough to believe that all communications professionals call journalists back, but I know that’s not true (ssshhh, I know because the journalists tell).  But the truth of the matter is we did step up while others watched. We seized the opportunity.   

In January, I received a “D” message from @nvbob asking what I thought about co-presenting with him on real-life social media strategies using RKPR’s December case study as an example. Absolutely! 

On March 7, Bob Conrad, APR and I will be leading a workshop during the inaugural Nevada Interactive Media Summit titled, “Unconventional PR Strategies:  How Social Media Has Changed Communications.”  And trust me, it has changed. 

As a 16 year communications professional, I’ve had the privilege of seeing technology soar. Fortunately for me, I love technology and, even though math still provides me challenges, I can quickly grasp new tech concepts, applications, etc.  The one area I find completely fascinating is social networking, especially its implications on businesses, brands, organizations and individuals.

It seems as though on a regular basis I hear myself saying, “today media changed.”  One such instance that’s quite vivid was when US Airways Flight 1549 landed in the Hudson River and the first shot that appeared on all the major news sites was from a ferry boat passenger (@jkrums) via his mobile phone posted to Twitpic. The photo was everywhere and for the next several hours @jkrums was being interviewed by all the major networks. What amazed me even more was that his first-person account was news and the media wanted to hear his story. He seized the opportunity.  

During our presentation, we’ll talk about the changing face of communications and that a solid strategy, strong goals and realist objectives are as foundationally critical to a social media campaign as they are to a traditional program.

I feel quite honored to be included with such knowledgeable presenters.  I’ll be attending the entire day and I hope to see many others attending as well. 

Details / Registration $25 (register by Wednesday), $40 Walk-in.    

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