My Life as a Professional

My Life as a Professional

As a recent college graduate and new PR professional I have come to realize that the world of public relations surrounds me in my everyday life.  There really is “no walking away from work” for me because no matter where I am, who I’m talking to or what I’m doing there is always a way of turning the current situation into a PR lesson.

Whether I’m on social networking sites, meeting new people, or talking myself out of a speeding ticket there is some sort public relations/marketing strategy and tactic behind it.  That’s what is so great about what I do – I never stop learning and there is always room to grow.  My job as an account executive, at a local and very dynamic PR firm, doesn’t only support my lifestyle, but has helped me develop life skills.

Every job has its ups and downs and everyone has days where they just can’t get motivated, but with a job that consists of new advances, literally everyday, it’s hard not to be intrigued.  I’m with an amazing company; working a job that I know I could never find anywhere else…I was given an opportunity starting right out of college that some people don’t find in a lifetime and in the last eight months I have learned more as a professional than I learned in the last five years of college.  As much as I loved being a college student, I have learned to appreciate and move forward with adulthood.  I am so proud to say that at the age of 23 I’m a college grad from the University of Nevada (Go Wolf Pack!) and a business professional who just recently bought my first home.  My success continues to grow as the world of public relations takes me to new places.

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