The Limits of Athletes and Social Media

The Limits of Athletes and Social Media

In today’s society, social media has become this “no limits” way of communicating messages and sharing your thoughts, information, pictures, stories and more. However in the world of sports, athletes are being fined thousands of dollars for using social media.

Organizations and coaches, in both the professional and collegiate levels are banning their players from using social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These athletes are being penalized for posting about the training camp’s cafeteria food to poor calls from the referees at the game from the night before. If a post is affecting the reputation of the team and organization then yes, there should be consequences. But is talking about the horrible cafeteria food hardly a low blow to the character of the organization and its team?  So, where does the line get drawn? 

A recent story about athletes using social networking addresses this. Is it really something that can be regulated by monetary fines or is this a trend that cannot be controlled?

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