Launching in a Big Way at the Oscars

Launching in a Big Way at the Oscars

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to represent one of our clients at the GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge for the Oscars in Hollywood. Since working at RKPR I’ve definitely assisted with my fair share of events.  However, this event seemed to be quite different than previous ones that I’ve experienced. While I had overwhelming help for the preparation of the event from the RKPR team, it was just me and the client when it came down to the actual event. Travel, event set up, media and celebrity interaction and representation of our product, it was all up to me and our client.    

Prevennia, a dietary supplement that is scientifically proven to block the initiation of breast cell mutation, was the client I was representing. Each celebrity and selected media outlets were gifted with a one year supply of Prevennia, a $550 value. While other event sponsors were promoting fun products including eyelash extensions, skin care lines, clothing, food and beverage products, we were there educating guests about a very important issue that affects everyone in some form or fashion – cell mutation. It is a serious issue and reaching out to the public to insure awareness was much harder than I had anticipated. 

Nearly every Hollywood star and media outlet that visited our booth was totally onboard with what we had to share. They showed genuine and positive interest about learning more and seriously investigating Prevennia for their use.

Comments about passing the word along to loved ones and the product being a GBK Oscar Gift Lounge favorite is what made Prevennia be the talk of the event. With as much time and effort being put forth prior, during and post event, it is such a rewarding feeling to know that RKPR’s efforts may someday change the lives of millions.

Check out our Flickr gallery to see who we met with and what they had to say about Prevennia.      

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