Artown’s Give $3 Gives More

Artown’s Give $3 Gives More

When you live and breathe a client’s work every day in the office leading up to an event sometimes it’s hard to head to the actual event after hours. Fortunately we work with some really great events and attending their events is an opportunity to relax, catch up with friends and in rare instances witness a community step up to a challenge.

This July Artown, Reno’s 31-day arts festival, asked the community to “Give $3, Keep Artown Free.” It’s the first time the nonprofit organization actually asked for donations at its free events. Through several amazing partnerships we marketed the program city-wide and hoped to cover our costs and bring in a few thousand dollars for the festival.

I headed to Wingfield Park and several of Artown’s free events to take photos during the Give $3 donation call and was so impressed with the generous nature of Artown attendees. Kids were stuffing bills in collection boxes, the elderly were dropping in spare change and some families gave much more than $3. 

In the end Artown raised more than $32,000, much more than what was anticipated.

Check out this photo gallery of some of the wonderful “Give $3” moments Artown captured in 2010.

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