Dealing with Social Media Feedback

Dealing with Social Media Feedback

As an agency we manage and monitor client’s social media accounts. We have accounts that garner lots of fans and with that come lots of feedback, both good and bad. Some days you receive that post on a wall that generally speaking, comes out of left field. But, no matter how strange and negative the feedback, you must make the timely decision on how to handle and respond.

At our agency, we generally have the rule to respond rather than ignore any post. As long as the post does not violate Facebook or other social policies it is not removed and we tend to respond even if we are still looking into an issue. Sometimes the response may be as simple as, “Thanks for your feedback, we will definitely look into that and get back to you as soon as possible.”

Overall, when responding it’s very important to remember that managing social media feedback is all about providing excellent customer service and applying the “golden rule”.

Here are some more great tips on handling negative feedback in Social Media from this article.

10 Ways to Deal with Upset Customers Using Social Media

1. You can’t respond to conversations you don’t see
2. Determine if it’s worth a response
3. Act quickly
4. Speak like a human
5. Offer a real apology or don’t apologize
6. Offer to make it right
7. Never get into a fight
8. Keep the discussion in the open
9. Use Fans and third-party sources to help tell the story
10. Involve them in the fix

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