I Get Paid to do This?

I Get Paid to do This?

My husband always says there’s a reason why so many people want to be in public relations and marketing: because it’s fun.  And that’s true if you wind up working on clients that you enjoy.  Just today I got to research restaurants and summer activities at ski resorts – the former for planning a media visit and the latter for pitching a writer.  I listen to music and surf YouTube so I can enrich blog posts and understand what I’m writing about in event releases.  This week I’m even heading to Reno eNVy to film their t-shirt making process for a client so we can post it to the blog.  How cool is that?

Don’t get me wrong there are days when it’s really tough.  We can put in long hours nitpicking every last detail of a 25-person, 5-day tour of Reno-Tahoe.  We wake up at the crack of dawn to drive artists to a TV station for interviews.  We get back press releases that we’ve slaved over with so many edits a re-write is often the only option.  And yes, the media do ignore us sometimes.  But if you weigh all of these things against all of the fun things we also get to do, they’re really not that bad.  Secretly, I even like those early morning TV interviews!

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