Student Lead Motivation

Student Lead Motivation

November 2 marked the first night of the University of Nevada, Reno Extended Studies 4-week class, “Google is Your New Business Card: Building a Valuable Personal Brand,” that I was invited to co-teach. The goal was to equip the participants with the knowledge, tools and resources to begin to develop their personal brand online and the motivation to continue to do so. By November 30 the class wrapped. And while I can’t speak on behalf of the participants and if they found the course valuable, here’s what I walked away with.

Point of entry:  Everyone in the course started from different places. Some were quite proficient and for others it was brand new. The ability to communicate the importance of say Twitter versus a Facebook Fan page in a concise and effective manner really pushed me to think of experience beyond my boundaries. It drove me to see it from their position and how these tools could have a direct impact to personal brand and business interests.

Information gathering:  The flood of information available online can be overwhelming. However, anyone who is a student of social networking understands the importance of RSS feeds and social bookmarking to be efficient with their time. Without these two resources there’s no way I would be able to recite a fact, remember a case study or provide examples during the class.

Validation:  We all want validation that we’re doing something right but social networking is a different ball game. There is no right or wrong way. It’s about maximizing the socials sites to provide the value you need based on your vision statement and goals.

Learn from anyone: The neatest thing about social networking is that everyone is learning at different speeds and anyone can find new feature or an easier way to do something. This is especially true for newbies who have an incredible knack for finding new tricks. 

Interaction feeds knowledge: My personal quest for learning more was enhanced greatly throughout the course. Questions and the personal desire of the individual participants drove me to not only find answers but be active in the process.

My thanks go to Dr. Bret Simmons for inviting me to co-present and the students for their active participation that motivated me to learn and do more.

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