We’re in the business of engaging

We’re in the business of engaging

Like proud parents, there’s nothing better than seeing your team aspire to do great things for each other, the clients we represent and in turn expand their world.  It’s become quite apparent to us that our motto as an agency is to engage. To engage our audiences to respond to our clients messages, products and/or services.  To engage our clients to think beyond traditional public relations tools and tactics.  To engage actively in social communications.  To engage each other to do and be more. 

As part of that, we are not sitting around talking about what we’re going to do, we’re doing it.  One example is with Artown.  We are developing a series of educational videos that provide attendees a visual user experience thereby engaging them to learn more and become involved.  These series of videos will be posted online and distributed via several social sites.  But the reason we’re most proud is that in addition to producing a great sample video montage, our fabulous team also created–get this–a blooper reel.  Not only is that clever, creative and inspiring, it’s engaging.  Great job, team!  Check it out for yourself.


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