Personal + Professional = Enthusiasm that Delivers

Personal + Professional = Enthusiasm that Delivers

A recent exchange on Twitter got me to thinking, when you become a public relations professional do you lose independence and credibility when making recommendations or talking about things you like?  I’ll start with the exchange so you get my drift:

A twitter user is looking for the best driving route from Point A to Point B.  A discussion begins with another user noting that flying is best because the drive is a bore.  I respond noting all of the beauty along the drive. The other counters my recommendation because I happen to work with several tourism clients that are along the route. 

Sure, I do have clients along the route, but I’ve also driven it many times when my husband was living at Point A and I was at B.  We’ve driven it on vacations since then, and yes, I’ve driven it for work.  And every single time it’s been fascinating.  And I’m entitled to this opinion, whether it aligns with my goals at work or not. 

I have yet to come across a client that I’m not truly excited about. That’s because we believe in our clients and are genuinely interested in them—who they are, what they do, what they’re about.  We don’t just take on clients because it’s business.  We take them on because we WANT to. Then we immerse ourselves, learning as much as possible about them.  We visit their location, attend their events or test their products.  I like to think that our work reflects that enthusiasm.

Often that enthusiasm spills over into our personal lives (or stems from it).  But if I’m passionate about something, I’ll talk about it, on my own time and in my own space, regardless of whether they’re a client.  I’m an independent with my own likes and dislikes.  I’m also a credible, trustworthy and honest person—and public relations professional. 

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