How much are you willing to risk for the sake of good PR?

How much are you willing to risk for the sake of good PR?

Denny’s put up $5 million to stake its claim as America’s breakfast place during a promotion on Feb. 3 where it gave away free Grand Slam breakfasts. The result?  Coverage touting the Denny’s promotion as a “homerun” and more than $50 million in news coverage value.  Here’s one segment from CNN.

More importantly, it afforded the restaurant chain a shot to rise to the top and position Denny’s as an affordable and comparable option for the very lucrative breakfast market…a long term goal and will surly rake in long term results.  In fact, looking at the cost for a Denny’s breakfast, it’s about as much as going to McDonalds. 

So the question again is, how much are you willing to risk?  Now it doesn’t have to be a $5 million price tag which included a Big Game ad, food and prep, but what can your business do to stand out, make a statement and claim a share of the pie?  Thinking out of the box and be willing to take risks works.  Those who do so reap the rewards.  Kudos Denny’s!  

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