5 Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Post

5 Tips to Enhance Your Facebook Post

Facebook is probably your best friend some days and your biggest nemesis others. You enjoy seeing the interaction between friends and family. You love it when your page has a reach that far exceeds your expectations. But then there are days when you can’t help but wonder why. Why did my reach decrease 50 people? Why did only 3 people like this post but the previous has 15? Facebook can be confusing and with a change every other week to the platform it can be hard to keep up.

Facebook’s newest algorithm update has affected the organic reach of business page posts (read about it here), but there are ways to make the most of the algorithm and to keep your reach and engagement continuously growing.

  1. Include an image:  We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s also worth a like or two. Posts with photos garner more engagement which leads to further reach and  more impressions. Try to use custom images whenever possible and use less stock imagery. You want the image to invoke your brand.
  2. Use correct post type: Status, video/photo or link, use the type that is most suited for your content. Probably the most important of these is when sharing a story link, use the link share button on the original website rather than embedding into your post. You will get higher engagement and better placement in your fans newsfeed.
  3. Limit copy to less than 100 characters: Just like Twitter and other Social Media platforms Facebook has an optimal level of characters for engagement and reach. After this your audience will lose focus. Rarely exceed the 250 mark. You don’t want to see that pesky “…read more” link.
  4. Speak in first person and active voice: Make your page posts a conversation with your fans. You want your post to sound current and excited. Use language like us and ours to sound personal and familiar.
  5. Call to action: Post with a call to action to help inform and encourage users on what to do next. An effective call to action will let them know the information you have to present, how to follow through and inspire them to complete the action.

BONUS TIP: Be Human. People are on Facebook to be social. They want to engage with friends, family and other like minded people.

 Katie Matheus, Account Coordinator


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