Katie’s Tips for Cat-Herding Aka Project Management

Katie’s Tips for Cat-Herding Aka Project Management

Organization is Key
Being able to find everything you need in a timely manner and stay on track for deadlines all falls under great organization skills. At RAD Strategies, we use Basecamp, a great software tool that allows you to track tasks, assign to-do items to other team members and keep track of those critical milestones.

Follow-up Frequently
Part of being a manager is delegating tasks and being able to follow-up with the team members. Using your calendar function of your email is the best free tool at your fingertips. We frequently use it to schedule calls, follow-up on appointments and so much more.

Time Management
Effective time management is critical, especially when a deadline looming. Having a system to gather, track and analyze time and cost information, helps to keep time and costs under control. An online-based time tracking program, such as Minute 7 which RAD uses, tracks your hours and duties completed for projects and clients.

Communicate Carefully and Effectively
Having a communications plan and following it ensures that all team members are kept in the loop throughout the project. The role of project manager requires you to be a listener, engage with the team and keep lines of communication open.

Be kind, honest and have a sense of humor
Being in charge doesn’t mean you have to take on a ruler’s personality. Always remember the Golden Rule, treat people the way you’d like to be treated. Show them respect and a sense of humanity. After all, we’re in this together.

Katie Matheus, Account Coordinator

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