Toyota’s Swagger Wagon

Toyota’s Swagger Wagon

As an early 30’s Gen X, I grew up despising the creation of the minivan and its clunky appearance. I swore, along with my friends, that I’d never drive a minivan, and I still don’t.

But along the way people my age started having kids and turned to the newer, sleeker minivans for their utility and ease when transporting kids and their accoutrements.

And along came the Toyota Sienna with their “Swagger Wagon” ads. Recognizing the need of this generation for utility along with hipness Toyota created a marketing campaign that’s not only increased the cool factor of this once despised vehicle but also engaged potential customers with a series of comical and utterly relatable videos. And based on a recent tweet about a friend’s Swagger Wagon, it’s worked well.

Check out the Swagger Wagon channel on YouTube.

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