Just Get Writing

Just Get Writing

Blog topics are all around us, you just need to pluck an idea and write a few sentences.  Easy enough, right?  Maybe not.

In a recent client meeting I reminded the staff that there’s always something they can blog about.  I also noted that creating content for their blog was important to keeping readers and drawing in new ones.  The staff often shares anecdotes about projects they’re working on interactions they’ve had, and I recommend writing a few short paragraphs and sending it in to post.

The problem is I’m having my own blogging dry spell. I’m reading others’ blogs more so than I ever have before and working on a good variety of projects, both of which should provide some fodder for a few lines of text.  Nope.

So here I am, writing a blog post about having nothing to say in a blog post and considering myself a hypocrite for telling the clients that they had to get writing.  Maybe it’s not so easy to just pick a topic and write.  Some clients aren’t writers, which is why they hire us to do their writing for them.  Maybe it’s a lack of confidence that what you have to say matters to anyone else. I’ve definitely had that feeling before, wondering if what I have to say on a personal level matters to others.  The truth is, if it matters to you, it’s got to matter to someone else.  And if you don’t think you’re a good writer, well, send your post to us, we’ll edit it and post it online.

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