It’s the final hours of work before the big vacation.  Tasks are done.  Team is updated on any straggler jobs.  Calendar post is sent to remind someone to water my plant.  Now’s the time to unplug.

Vacation can be a tricky thing in a time where we can access our e-mail, check the news and text our colleagues all on our phones.  So while on vacation, do I check my work e-mail to keep up with what’s happening back at the office, trying to avoid any big surprises?  Or, do I ignore the RKPR Mail tab on my phone and really let loose?  I’ll take option 2.  We all should.

Vacation as defined by Merriam Webster is, “a respite or a time of respite from something.”  If we’re still plugging into work via e-mail, news or texts, we’re not really getting a respite.  Vacation is a time to relax, try new things, see new places and literally vacate our daily life.  When I get back my e-mail will still be there, albeit piled up in my inbox.  But if I had to trade one long Monday of checking e-mails for two full weeks of complete departure, again, I’ll take option 2.  We all should.


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