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Volkswagen’s Fun Theory

Recently, I stumbled across a video (thanks to Facebook) that tested “the fun theory.”  The video shows the everyday use of an escalator compared to the use of a stagnate staircase located right next to the escalator. It’s very apparent that more people chose to use the escalator in their daily paths. However, the idea was to test the theory…

Wow…What a Summer

The summer of 2009 will go down in memory as the fastest summer on record, having passed in what seems like the blink of any eye. In just two months, July and August, I attended more events than I normally would in a year, all thanks to our wonderful clients and their phenomenal programming. I was working at a few…

Helping Christmas Wishes Come True

Over the last six years that RKPR has been in business, we’ve had the opportunity to do some pretty incredible things. We’re thankful and feel blessed for every single one of them. But one is going to stand out above all others.